After Millie learns her unborn baby has Down syndrome, she must choose between her child and husband. A generation ago, her mother found herself at a similar crossroads when Millie’s father, a classical pianist with a debilitating hand injury, became an opiate addict. Millie follows her mother’s path and chooses to raise her daughter alone.

Ten years later, Millie has buried the pain of divorce under her work as a caterer and harpist. Her daughter, Hannah, has devoted her life to finding and winning back the man who deserted her, equipped with a magnifying glass and a toy sidekick named Inspector Dolly. Together, Millie and Hannah move to Twining Vines in search of a new beginning. But, instead, they find second chances—a chance for Millie to make her own choices instead of living at the mercy of her mother’s judgment, and a chance for Millie and Hannah to find their estranged fathers, all while their life journeys intertwine with those around them.

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